General terms and conditions



Hyundai: Legal owner of products published on HD Hyundai Shop
IMC Branding B.V.: supplier that manages Hyundai CE Shop on behalf of HD Hyundai and is responsible for the supply of items.
Buyer: Customer, or anyone who enters into or wishes to enter into an agreement with IMC Branding B.V. or for whom IMC Branding B.V. prepares a proposal or delivers goods or a service, including legal successors or legal beneficiaries.
HD Hyundai Shop: A special online shop environment in which the buyer can view and order IMC Models merchandise.

Article 1. Applicability

1.1      These general terms and conditions apply to all proposals and agreements between IMC Branding B.V. and the Buyer, whatsoever their nature, as well as to any undertakings arising as a result of such proposals and agreements. Any deviations from these terms and conditions must be agreed in writing with IMC Branding B.V.

1.2      While IMC Branding B.V. may not always demand strict compliance with these terms and conditions, this does not mean that these terms and conditions do not apply or that IMC Branding B.V. for goes the right to demand strict compliance with these terms in the future, whether in similar circumstances or not.

1.3      Should any provision of these general terms and conditions become invalid or not applicable for any reason whatsoever, the remaining terms and conditions shall continue to apply.

1.4      IMC Branding B.V. shall not be bound by purchasing and other terms and conditions stipulated by the Buyer unless such terms and conditions are accepted in writing by IMC Branding B.V.  Such acceptance may not be assumed in circumstances where IMC Branding B.V. fails to challenge a statement from the Buyer declaring that he does not accept the IMC Branding B.V. terms and conditions and that his own terms and conditions apply.

Article 2. Proposals

2.1      All proposals and quotes prepared by IMC Branding B.V., in any form whatsoever, are based on the description of the products and/or services offered to the Buyer.

2.2      A proposal is binding only if submitted in writing by IMC Branding B.V. stating a period during which the proposal may be accepted.

2.3      Proposals on Hyundai CE Shop are targeted at buyers in Hyundai CE Shop and are valid while stocks last or until the date stated with the product. All items are in stock unless stated otherwise.

2.4      IMC Branding B.V. reserves the right to attach terms and conditions to fulfilment of the order. IMC Branding B.V. shall, on request, advise the Buyer in writing of the reason for its decision.

Article 3. Agreement

3.1      Subject to the provisions of article 2, the agreement comes into effect at the point that the Buyer accepts the proposal and complies with the terms and conditions attached to it.

3.2      If the Buyer has accepted the proposal electronically, IMC Branding B.V. will electronically confirm receipt of acceptance of the proposal immediately. Until receipt of acceptance is confirmed, the Buyer is entitled to terminate the agreement.

3.3      IMC Branding B.V. may—within legal frameworks—enquire as to whether the consumer is able to meet his payment obligations, as well as enquiring about all the facts and factors that may be relevant with respect to entering into a distance agreement responsibly. If, on the basis of this investigation, IMC Branding B.V. has good reasons not to enter into the agreement, it is entitled to refuse an order or request stating its reasons, or to attach special terms and conditions to the fulfillment of the order.

3.4      Additions and modifications to an agreement are binding for IMC Branding B.V. only where they are confirmed in writing by IMC Branding B.V.

3.5      IMC Branding B.V. is entitled, in cases where it seems necessary or preferable, to engage third parties to ensure proper fulfillment of the order it has received. The costs of this shall be passed on to the Buyer in accordance with the quotes provided.

Article 4. Prices

4.1      Prices for the products and services offered are stated in Euro, including VAT and excluding dispatch costs and any additional taxes or other levies, unless otherwise stated or agreed in writing. Administration and dispatch costs and any additional taxes or other levies are calculated per product. Recommended prices are set in consultation with the manufacturer and/or supplier. No rights may be derived from recommended prices.

4.2      Prices are subject to (temporary) change. Price information is published on Hyundai CE Shop. Neither IMC Branding B.V. nor Hyundai accepts any liability for printing errors.

4.3      IMC Branding B.V. is not obliged to supply the product at the incorrect (lower) price, even if we have already sent you confirmation of dispatch, if the incorrect price was quite clearly and unmistakeably an error and you could reasonably have recognised the price as a mistake.

Article 5. Claims in the case of faults and damage

5.1      The Buyer may return an order free of charge within hundred (100) working days if it is defective or damaged.

5.2      The Buyer should send an email to stating the order number, the account number, the name of the account holder and the reason for return. Following receipt of the returned goods, the amount of the return postage will be credited to the Buyer’s account.

5.3      All returned products must be packed in their original packaging.

5.4      Products must be returned together with the original invoice, packing slip or fax and return notice.

5.5      If and insofar as IMC Branding B.V. deems the claim to be justified, IMC Branding B.V. shall, at its own discretion and within a reasonable time scale, either rectify the shortcoming or replace the faulty goods, whereby the Buyer may make no additional claim for compensation.

5.6      Making a claim does not release the Buyer from his payment obligations towards IMC Branding B.V.

Article 6. Other claims

6.1      The Buyer may return an order within hundred (100) working days if it is not defective or damaged.

6.2      All returned products must be received in their original, unopened packaging, and must be received undamaged and properly packaged for posting. The products must be in a saleable condition and suitable for resale. Products must be returned together with the original invoice, packing slip or fax and return notice.

6.3      Repair or replacements costs will be charged if the products are damaged or missing. This may affect the amount of reimbursement.

6.4      When products are returned to IMC Branding B.V., the administrative and dispatch costs (relating to the initial dispatch and the return) paid by the Buyer when ordering the product are deducted from the amount to be reimbursed. The Buyer also pays the return dispatch costs.

6.5      An order may be changed free of charge within eight (8) working days provided the order has not yet been dispatched.

6.6      If and insofar as IMC Branding B.V. deems the claim to be justified, IMC Branding B.V. shall, at its own discretion and within a reasonable time scale, either rectify the shortcoming or replace the faulty goods, whereby the consumer may make no additional claim for compensation.

6.7      Making a claim does not release the consumer from his payment obligations towards IMC Branding B.V.

Article 7. Payment

7.1      Payment is always made electronically in advance.

Article 8. Reservation of ownership

8.1      All items supplied to the Buyer remain the property of IMC Branding B.V. until such time that all payments have been made in full, including any interest and costs owed by the Buyer in relation to goods or services provided or to be provided under the terms of the agreement, as well as claims arising from failure to comply with said agreement.

8.2      The Buyer is required to ensure careful handling of the goods and is not entitled, other than with written consent from IMC Branding B.V., to mortgage and/or pawn and/or establish a right of (silent) pledge on the goods until such time that the Buyer has met in full all his obligations towards IMC Branding B.V.

8.3      Should IMC Branding B.V. cancel the order in whole or in part, it is entitled to repossess that part of the order that remains unpaid. Cancellation and/or repossession does not affect the right of IMC Branding B.V. to claim compensation.

Article 9. Delivery time

9.1      All orders placed before 12:00 are dispatched on the same day to the address provided. Depending on the service selected, the package will be delivered to you within 1 to 3 working days.

9.2      All (delivery) times stated by IMC Branding B.V. are approximate and are determined on the basis of the details and circumstances known to IMC Branding B.V. at the time of entering into the agreement. The delivery times stated should never be viewed as a fixed deadline. If a change in the details or circumstances results in a delay, whether or not the change could have been foreseen, the delivery date will be set back accordingly, without prejudice to the provisions below regarding force majeure. In the case of failure to deliver on time, IMC Branding B.V. must be issued with written notice of default and a new reasonable deadline must be offered.

9.3      Breach of the delivery time indicated by IMC Branding B.V. for any reason whatsoever shall under no circumstances entitle the Buyer to compensation or to not comply with his obligations under the agreement or under any associated agreement.

9.4      Orders may be cancelled only following written confirmation from IMC Branding B.V.

Article 10. Delivery

10.1  Unless agreed otherwise in writing, delivery is from the IMC Branding B.V. warehouse or factory. From the point of delivery, all risks of loss, decay, damage etc., regardless of the cause, transfer to the Buyer.

10.2  If it has been agreed that the services and/or deliveries should be phased, IMC Branding B.V. may postpone the services and/or deliveries of the subsequent phases until the Buyer has approved completion of the previous phase in writing and has met all his (financial) obligations with respect to the partial delivery. In the case of partial deliveries, IMC Branding B.V. is entitled to issue separate invoices for each delivery.

10.3  If, once the delivery date has passed, the goods are available to the Buyer but he has still not taken delivery of them, they will be stored for him at his cost and risk, regardless of the reason for failure to take delivery.

Article 11. Transport

11.1  IMC Branding B.V. determines the means of transport, dispatch, packaging and similar. Dispatch/transport of the goods is always at the Buyer’s cost and risk. IMC Branding B.V. is required to arrange (transport) insurance only if and insofar as IMC Branding B.V. has undertaken to do so in writing.

Article 12. Non-accountable failure to comply with the agreement

12.1  Should IMC Branding B.V. be prevented through force majeure of an enduring or temporary nature from (further) executing the agreement, IMC Branding B.V. is entitled, with no obligation to pay compensation and without legal intervention, to terminate the agreement in full or in part by issuing a written statement to this effect, without prejudice to the right of IMC Branding B.V. to payment from the Buyer for services already provided by IMC Branding B.V. prior to the force majeure situation, or to suspend (further) execution of the agreement. In the case of suspension, IMC Branding B.V. shall remain entitled to terminate the agreement in full or in part.

12.2  Force majeure is defined as all circumstances as a result of which IMC Branding B.V. is temporarily or permanently unable to meet its obligations, such as strike, transport difficulties, fire, government measures, including import and export bans, quota restriction and operational disruptions at its own sites or those of its suppliers, as well as failures on the part of its suppliers as a result of which IMC Branding B.V. is unable to (continue to) reasonably meet its obligations towards the Buyer.

Article 13. Guarantee

13.1  Subject to the provisions of article 13.5, IMC Branding B.V. guarantees the goods it supplies against and material and manufacturing faults. The guarantee states only that IMC Branding B.V. shall rectify any such faults to the best of its ability, or replace the goods, at the choice and discretion of IMC Branding B.V. Faults must be reported in writing to IMC Branding B.V. so that they can be processed. The guarantee does not extend to the recovery of lost data.

13.2  The guarantee does not apply if the faults are wholly or in part the consequence of incorrect, careless or inexpert use, use for purposes other than normal (business) purposes, external causes such as fire or water damage, or if the goods have been modified or maintained by parties other than IMC Branding B.V.

13.3  Unless agreed otherwise, the guarantee for goods manufactured by IMC Branding B.V. is valid for a period of 12 months from the time of delivery.

13.4  The sole form of compensation is compliance with the guarantee obligations by IMC Branding B.V.. IMC Branding B.V. is not bound by any further obligations and the Buyer is not entitled to seek dissolution of the agreement.

13.5  If a supplier is liable for the goods supplied by IMC Branding B.V., the guarantee is limited to the supplier’s applicable guarantee terms. IMC Branding B.V. will, at the Buyer’s request, provide details of the applicable provisions.

13.6  IMC Branding B.V. will charge for repairs that do not fall under the framework of the applicable guarantee.

13.7  If defective goods are to be repaired, either under or outside the guarantee, the Buyer is required to return the goods at his own cost to IMC Branding B.V.

Article 14. Liability

14.1  IMC Branding B.V. is under no circumstances obliged to compensate for damage suffered directly or indirectly arising from or originating through faults in goods or services supplied or through the failure of goods and/or service to operate, operate in a timely way, or operate correctly, except in the case of wilful or gross negligence on the part of IMC Branding B.V. All liability for company damage (operational disruption, loss of revenue, etc.), loss or decline of data and/or consequential damage arising from any cause whatsoever, including a delay in the delivery time of goods and services, is expressly excluded.

14.2  IMC Branding B.V. is not liable for damage caused to the Buyer or third parties by its employees and/or by third parties it has appointed, whatever the reason or cause, except in the case of imputable wilful damage or gross negligence on the part of IMC Branding B.V.   Under no circumstances does liability extend beyond the cover provided under the insurance arranged by IMC Branding B.V..

14.3  IMC Branding B.V. is not liable for damage of any nature which occurred or was caused by incorrect, careless or inexpert use or by use for a purpose other than normal purposes of the goods supplied by IMC Branding B.V.

14.4  The Buyer indemnifies IMC Branding B.V. and its employees against third party claims for compensation for material and immaterial damage caused directly or indirectly by (use of) the goods supplied by IMC Branding B.V., unless the damage is the consequence of wilful/gross negligence on the part of IMC Branding B.V. personnel and/or third parties it has engaged.

14.5  Liability on the part of IMC Branding B.V. under the agreement with the Buyer is in all circumstances limited to the agreement invoice amount, including VAT.

Article 15. Cancellation/dissolution

15.1  The Buyer is legally deemed to be in default with the (remaining) sum payable immediately in the following cases:

The Buyer fails to comply, or to comply on time, with any of the provisions of the agreement, in particular payment;

IMC Branding B.V. has reasons to be concerned that the Buyer will fail to comply and the Buyer does not adhere to a written reminder stating these reasons and requesting him to declare that he is prepared to meet his obligations within a reasonable period stipulated in the reminder;

The Buyer applies for bankruptcy, is declared bankrupt, performs an act of cession, submits a request for suspension of payments or if all or part of his assets are seized and this is not lifted within 10 days of seizure;

The Buyer proceeds or decides to discontinue or transfer his business or a major part of it, including incorporating his business into a company to be formed or that already exists, or proceeds or decides to change the purpose of his business or to dissolve it;

Death if the buyer is a natural person.

15.2  IMC Branding B.V. is entitled, in the cases referred to under 15.1, with no obligation to pay compensation and without prejudice to its rights, such as with respect to costs or interest already due and right to compensation, and without the need for notice of default or legal intervention:

To declare that the agreement is dissolved in full or in part by submitting written notice to such effect to the Buyer and/or;

To demand any amount owed by the Buyer to IMC Branding B.V. immediately and in full and/or;

To invoke reservation of ownership pursuant to article 8.

15.3  Should the agreement be terminated or dissolved in any way, the provisions regarding confidentiality, dissolution/termination, applicable law and disputes shall continue to apply in full.

Article 16. General

16.1  Rights and/or obligations arising from an agreement to which these terms and conditions apply are not transferable and not liable to cession or the establishment of a security interest, unless with prior consent from the other party.

Article 17. Applicable law and disputes

17.1  All agreements between the parties and legal relationships arising from these agreements are subject exclusively to Dutch law. Applicability of the Vienna Sales Convention is expressly excluded.

17.2  All disputes arising from or in connection with the agreement to which these terms and conditions apply, or the specific terms and conditions themselves and their explanation or implementation, shall be settled by the competent judge in Amsterdam or the competent judge in the Buyer’s place of residence as decided by IMC Branding B.V., unless otherwise agreed.

17.3  IMC Branding B.V. is entitled to amend these general terms and conditions from time to time.

Article 18. Right of withdrawal

18.1 In the purchase of products, the consumer has the option to terminate the agreement without giving any reasons within 14 days. This reflection period starts on the day after the consumer or a previously designated representative of the consumer, who is known to the entrepreneur, has received the product.

18.2 During the reflection period, the consumer will handle the product and packaging carefully. They will only unpack or use the product to the extent necessary to assess whether they wish to keep the product. If they exercise their right of withdrawal, they will return the product with all accessories delivered and, if reasonably possible, in the original condition and packaging to the entrepreneur, in accordance with the reasonable and clear instructions provided by the entrepreneur.

18.3 If the consumer wishes to exercise their right of withdrawal, they are obliged to notify the entrepreneur within 14 days of receiving the product. The consumer must do this using the model form. After the consumer has indicated that they wish to exercise their right of withdrawal, the customer must return the product within 14 days. The consumer must prove that the goods have been returned on time, for example, by means of proof of dispatch.

18.4 If the customer has not indicated their desire to exercise their right of withdrawal or has not returned the product to the entrepreneur after the periods mentioned in sections 2 and 3 have expired, the purchase is a fact.

  1. 5 To exercise your right of withdrawal, you must inform us of your decision to withdraw from the agreement by means of an unambiguous statement. You can do this by post or email.

18.6 If the merchant makes use of his right of withdrawal, the funds will be returned to the consumer within a maximum of 30 days.

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